Video: AquaHarmonics to test at Carderock end of August

AquaHarmonics' WEC being tested at OSU

One of the finalist teams in the Wave Energy Prize challenge, AquaHarmonics, has completed its 1:20 scale WEC ahead of the final testing at the US Navy’s maneuvering and seakeeping basin (MASK) in Carderock scheduled for the last week of August.

The two-member AquaHarmonics team is developing a point absorber wave energy device.

It is comprised of power take-off (PTO) system system mounted in a cylinder shaped hull with a single mooring line that has a power cable at its core.

The team has conducted preliminary testing of their 1:20 scale device, which is using a phase control strategy developed by AquaHarmonics team to maximize energy capture from irregular waves, at the O.H. Hindsdale Wave Research Laboratory at Oregon State University in June this year.

“Since our testing at Oregon State University we have made some final modifications to the device, some updates to the control system software, acquired every possible spare and built a custom workbench/control center that will serve as our mobile base of operations while we are testing,” the team informed.

AquaHarmonics’ WEC only generates power on the rise of the wave, and during the fall of the wave the generators are operated as motors to reel in the mooring line for the next wave cycle.

The team is scheduled to undertake the final tests of their WEC at MASK Basin from August 29 until September 2, 2016 as part of the US Department of Energy-funded Wave Energy Prize challenge.

After all of the 9 finalist teams have tested their WECs at MASK Basin, the winner(s) will be announced on November 16, 2016.

Take a look at the video showing the 1:20 AquaHarmonics WEC testing at Oregon State University.

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